30 Days - NO BEER

I would actually cut out the soda that contains fructose corn syrup. Alcohol was bad for you but you just traded out one evil for another. Fructose corn syrup is very bad for you and will spike your insulin to higher levels. By spiking your insulin any calorie that is consumed is stored into fat. So stay away from sugars. You will lose excessive fat if you do just that.
I think giving up beer is great for your waistline and OP great effort there! But for this reply I'm skeptical of anything "foodbabe" posts. All this anti GMO and toxin stuff is not really scientific, but just fear and profit mongering. Just because something is a preservative does not automatically make it bad for you. And GMO products and Pesticides are generally less toxic than organic alternatives (not that organic stuff will kill you or anything. Lines like this are especially disturbing "Propylene Glycol (an ingredient found in anti-freeze)" Because lots of things are used in lots of products perfectly safely. Vinegar is a common component of hard core cleaning products but no one complains about having it on their salad because they know what it is. Something being used in something else can't be considered a good argument for or against it. If you want to show that the use of Proylene Glycol is damaging to the body in the amounts found in products please find a study testing it's toxicity at the dosage involved. As for the science it's generally recognized as safe in the amounts used in food.

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The Tamahumara people of Mexico sometimes run up to 200 miles across country, often with no shoes, fueled initially by home brewed corn beer. This about that one when you're going out for less than half the distance on a state of the art bicycle on good roads...

It's a mistake to compare either ourselves with the Tarahumara with the average american, or to compare their beer with ours.

As far as the beer sold in the US, it contains:

Propylene Glycol (an ingredient found in anti-freeze)

carinogenic food coloring

food dye made from petroleum

genetically modified corn syrup

It should go without saying that beer, as manufactured for american consumption, is thoroughly toxic.

A naturally brewed, fresh corn beer has absolutely no resemblance to the toxic sludge which we call beer sold in american supermarkets.



Also, apart from their consumption of fresh, natural beer, their diet is very healthy.

“It’s mostly beans, squash, chilli peppers, wild greens, ground corn and chia.†(Chia is a seed that can absorb more than 12 times its weight in water, and is available online at www.amazon.com)
The Tarahumara’s favourite drink, apart from home-brewed corn beer, is a little concoction whipped up by dissolving chia seeds in water and adding a little sugar and a squirt of lime. As tiny as those seeds are, they’re packed with omega-3s, protein, fibres and antioxidants.



It should also go without saying that the level and type of physical activity of the Tarahumara is much higher and much more varied than the average american.

Therefore, it is illogical and highly misleading to suggest that an average american, drinking american beer, can come anywhere close to approximating the physical endurance of the tarahumara.

edit: I should add that those smooth, unvarying roads are not what you need to improve coordination or strength. You actually need to engage in varied activities and exercise in order to 'shock' your body into new muscle development.

edit 2: as I suspected, the tara beer is a low alcohol, high carb drink which provides a lot of energy without any of the garbage preservatives and additives of the commercial product sold in the 'industrialized' world.

It provides energy but an enormous amount would have to be consumed in order to get a 'buzz.' Meanwhile, we drink beer strictly in order to get buzzed, not because of any nutritional value.

The lesson to be learned is that if you are going to drink beer, make it yourself, from the freshest natural ingredients, and drink it while consuming very fresh fruits and vegetables.

edit 3: it also appears as if the shoes we use promote a heel strike, which promotes injuries. The shoes we use are overly protective, and tend to take on the job of shock absorption which would normally allow our muscles to grow.

This is all very sad.

We are supposed to the most technologically advanced culture on earth and all this is doing is making us fatter, more sedentary and less physically fit than ever before.
Hmmmmm, I quit drinking many years ago. I drank more in the 9th and 10th grade to last a lifetime.

My 9th grade summer during one party I drank a 1/5 of Bacardi 151; 1/3 pint Jim Beam; two 2 liter Sun Country cherry wine coolers < remember those from the 80’s; a 4 pack of Bartle’s and James; and maybe a 6 pack of beer.

I passed out for almost two days and then it took me several days to normalize. But being German/Irish it is, well was in my blood to down the liquid nutrients of the day!