300km is a very long way, Cynthia



Arthur Clune wrote:
> Dave Kahn <[email protected]> wrote:

> That's not a strategy that works for 300km audaxes though. Unless
> you are pro-level fit, most people can't sustain the frequent
> bursts of pace.

Not for the entire 300 obviously, but it's still fine for rollercoaster
sections of 20k or so. I find it less depleting than freewheeling and
slow climbing. Plus you get through the section that much quicker.


Dave Larrington

Dave Kahn wrote:

> I find the only way to deal with those is to attack them. Pile on the
> speed downhill and carry it as far as possible up the next rise.
> Easier said than done of course at the tail end of a long, tiring
> ride.

Wot Dave said. The trike descends like a homesick rock, but this can be of
limited use when the road is

o narrow, and
o occupied by a Several of comapratively slow-moving bicycles, past which
one cannot get.


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Dave Larrington

MartinM wrote:
> davek wrote:
> The first bit, the night stage (3am
>> start), was quite funny - the route stuck to the (mostly well-lit) A2

>> from Rochester all the way to Faversham. Riding as a bunch we got
>> some amusing "wtf!" type reactions from the assorted young Chavs and
>> Chavettes on their way home from their night's clubbing (too bemused
>> to assume their normal hostile stance towards cyclists - I think
>> they were actually quite impressed).

> we got exactly the same in Brighton on the Gourmet 300 two years ago
> (on which this ride, or at least the start time, was sort of based)
> was well worth it to watch the sun rise over Beachy Head though- alas
> like so many classic AUK rides it is no more ;-(

Many years ago, Mr. Sheen and I did the Dynamo, me on my Kingcycle and he on
the UFO, a Mike Burrows-built SWB recumbent. We are passing through Sudbury
at the hour of Late, to the general bemusement of the local Chavvery. They
point and laugh.

Chav: Ha ha ha! Wot's /that/, eh? Ha ha!
Mr. Sheen: It's a helicopter, dopey.

(Exeunt omnes)

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