32c tyres on 28c rims


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Feb 27, 2021
I'm new to the forum and cycling in Perth. My wheels say they are made to fit 28c tyres, but I am wondering if it would be not an issue to put 32c tyres on these 28c wheels?
Much thanks in advance, Luke :) :)
They will mount up to the rim.
But that’s no guarantee that they’ll fit in the fork/frame. Check your clearance first.
If the wider tires don't fit in the front, there is a good chance they'll fit in the rear, but again you will have to check, and if they do fit in the rear you can get a smoother ride by putting a 32c on the rear and staying with a 28c on the front, because you don't have to pump up the rear as much as the older narrower tire you use to use.

Usually, if you go with the same size tires all around the rear tire will only last about 1/2 as long as the front, however, with the wider tire on the rear, it's a good possibility that both tires will wear out darn near at the same time.

For almost all my bikes I run a fatter tire on the rear, done that for years. I've found by doing so that I have a bit better braking coming from the wider rear with a less tendency to slide out on loose surfaces.

The jury is still out as to whether or not the 32c will increase your rolling resistance, even if it does it won't be noticeable. But if you're after more comfort and more control then sure go with the 32c.

Now with MTBs the tendency is to run a bit wider in the front than the rear, but the front does a lot more work riding off-road at an aggressive pace, and you want the rear to kick out more.