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    In the thread "Crash Test Dummy" I explained crashing. I explained how I had abrasions lightly on my left elbow and hip and some pretty serious abrasions on my left knee. For the first three days it was getting progressively more painful and then after that it didn't appear to be getting any less painful.

    My wife said that when she and the kids were training for the Nationals that the middle daughter went down and really tore up her hip on a descent. She used a product called "Second Skin". It seemed to work pretty well because Shelly got a third in the Nationals.

    I went to CVS and they didn't have it or it is no longer made by that company. However they had a 3M copy. It is available in several different sizes including a large one. I bought that.

    It is sort of like Saran Wrap in that it sticks to your skin without adhesive. I have hairy legs and that didn't seem to make any difference. It also breaths. My knee which had been very painful stopped hurting as soon as I put that on. It still looks pretty nasty since it is transparent but it is only painful from direct contact.

    If you have a clean, non-infected abrasion you can leave one of these on a whole week. It's pretty expensive and only has four pads in the box but it works and the "non-stick" pads do not do a very good job. They slip around no matter how carefully you tape them and continue to rub the wound raw.

    I give this Tegaderm 5 stars.