3rd and 4th cat series


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Nov 19, 2002
What do people reckon to BC's plans to make points and prize money easier to get hold of for 3rd &amp; 4th cats - the new competition organised by Keith Butler for next year / fees refunded to organisers of 4th-cat events etc? <br /><br />I'm doing a student project on it for a journalism MA, and haven't heard anyone say anything in the slightest bit cynical about it yet - could be that it really is all good!
Simes,<br /><br />I'm a south african that raced in the UK for 17 months recently. 3rd and 4th cat is just as hard as 2nd cat and almost as hard as 1st cat.<br /><br />The reason being that time triallists don't earn road racing points so you end up with a 54 minute 25 mile time trial expert racing against 3rd and 4th catters. One sided battle. Dishing out prize money is only going to make things worse - if an ex pro who hasn't raced for a few months or a top notch time triallist doesn't have a race on the weekend he'll go and smash some 3rd and 4 th catters for the prize money.<br /><br />I found the level of racing and racing times on the same circuit almost identical in 2nd, 3rd and 4th cat. It doesn't encourage beginners much because they enter a 4th cat race and get dropped in the first mile. More distinction should be made between the cats.

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