42mm bearings to 40mm

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  5. No, that I'm sure of. The LX bearing's inside diameter is smaller than
    the Qu-Ax hub, I'm positive the LX bearings wouldn't make it.


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    Is it possible to put the 42mm bearings into the 40mm holders? I was
    able to do that on my Nimbus II, with no problems, though I HAVE heard
    that other people have had problems. Or is the problem that the
    current setup is using 42mm and you want to start using 40mm?


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  8. evil-nick wrote:
    > Is it possible to put the 42mm bearings into the 40mm holders?

    somtimes it is possible but in this case its not the outside diameter we
    are talking about....its the inner diameter.

    so once again for the record:

    LX 17mm inner 40mm outer <--- found easily

    DX 20mm inner 40 outer. <---found only though Torker USA


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