4th August 2002



Has anyone noticed we have two big events starting on the same day from the SAME VENUE?! ::) The Cyclone Winter road race and the Urban Assault MTB race. ::) We should have an interesting mixup on the day! ;D This is what happens when we don't have some form of unification and one discipline doesn't know what the other is doing! :mad:
Which am I doing? ??? I don't know!! I would have liked to be able to do both! :'( I'll probably do the Cyclone but then the Urban Assault would be a new one for me. I missed it last year. In any case I intend to check out the MTB route this weekend.
Who said they didn't know of each other? I was there and did the Cyclone race and ended up being a great day. The friends and family that waited for the road guys had some mountainbiking to watch. I think more races/events/days should be organised to cater for all cyclists.
I've always wanted to organise a cycling duathlon.

60km road time trial followed by a 30km mtb ride with a duathlon style change over. I reckon it'll be goood fun.

Maybe I'll try it when I hit SA shores....
Sounds cool Eldron. Ummm, do you have a MTB I could use please? :p
I do actually!

My brother has an old Giant steel frame and forks. Guess I'll have to find a place with nice rocky descents for you - can you say pinch flat hehehehe

Have you seen my armchair MTB? Got a Giant XTC DS1 with dual suspension and hydraulic disks - floats over anything....
hey guys i did the mtb ride that day even though im a roady. I believe that the road race wasnt made public enough while the urban assault had alot of advertising put in,it was geat fun and challenging mtb is definetly harder than road cycling you all should try it to get stronger for the road aspect thats wat im doing.