5-day adventure cap $300 - cyclin, mtn bike etc etc

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  1. 5 day Adventure training camp!! - $300

    It includes 2 coaches to travel in, all meals,
    showers, you plan the trip and they take you
    there for 5 days. The trip is an activity
    of your choice Bike, cyclin, snowboarding,
    Kayaking etc. You can take your own
    equipment, or rent.

    I have all the paperwork and can send you
    more info. Its fully transferrable. To be
    used before Sep 2006.

    check http://www.a3adventures.com/pages/1/index.htm

    if your interested. This is a company in Los Angeles.
    The face value of the coupon is $1100. I am asking
    just $300.

    Contact: Murali, 510 520 6055
    Email: [email protected]