500m time trial - training/tips/racing/info



Ok, well after my second session, and having a background in running 100 and 200m sprints and hating endurance events..i am thinking that i would like to concentrate on the 500m time trial.

I woul dlove any info on the event at all, from training ie what you do week to week - from what ive seen the sprinters do 5 or 6 rides of a flat out with long rests in between, gym work um, tips on the actual race and ideas on standing starts..pretty much want to pick everyones brain for info and would love to hear peoples stories, successes and failures!!
thanks 8)
U should have tried out for the cinderella program earlier this year. They tested all these girls and then the final 26 did a 500m time trial at the nationals.
I girl at our club did a 42 there but her PB is 40(her coach decided to put a bigger gear on her bike on the day :mad:)
U should have tried out for the cinderella program earlier this year. They tested all these girls and then the final 26 did a 500m time trial at the nationals.
I girl at our club did a 42 there but her PB is 40(her coach decided to put a bigger gear on her bike on the day :mad:)

I read an article recently in Bicycling Australia. If its the same program they found "novices" cracking 40 seconds. I think Rochelle Gilmore rode 37 in the NSW titles. The world record sits at about 34.6. Ness go to it. 8) 8)
Yeah i found out a fraction too late to try out for the AIS thing..Im totally spewing, i think i could have had a chance..now I guess I have to do it on my own...!
The girl at our club was doing multiple 500m standing starts for training and also in the gym 3 times a week. Also because its 500m and not a 200m sprint you're gonna have to put some endurance work in there.
Also do some rolling starts to focus on leg speed.
In the gym u wanna do explosive squats and legpresses and also dead lifts(not explosive!). Do some olympic style lifts.
Make sure u get someone from the gym who knows about explosive training to show u how its done properly.
I was doing explosive legpresses wrong for about 3months and started to get backpain once i started pushing about 200kgs.

8) Thanks for that jonny, I have been doing those exercises in the gym already , i have a background in bodybuilding so have a good idea of the weights side of thing.. just got to work on the explosiveness thats all!

Im wondering how many days a week in need to get to the track to do my sprints.. what is that girl at ur club doing?
I have access to a gym for free everyday so thats easy fixed..

you coming to Dunc Gray for a look soon?? 8) ;D :D
Don't know how many days she goes to track to do sprints. I only used to see her at the velo at training every tuesday.
I guess she'd do sprints while road training i guess.

i went to Dunc gray last night and watched, and went out and bought myself a trackbike today ;D ;D ;D(was using the club presidents b4)

They should let people in to watch the track racing on friday. A group of people were going to the bar but wanted to watch a bit of racing from the stands but security stopped them.
I was told that it was to reduce cleaning costs.
hey, coolies, what track bike did you get? im borrowin g aclub one atm..i am trying to save for a cheap road bike to train on..so when u going to come along and train..you all healed up yet??
ness 8)
I got a Hillbrick(second hand but looks almost new 8)) for 800 bucks. It was custom built for a track sprinter and the frame size just happens to be the exact same measurements for me :p.
Im not allowed to train in the veledrome until after another operation at the end of July :mad:. Im gonna start training again on the road this week :).
The closest i'll get to the veledrome will be watching in the middle for the next 8 weeks on Friday nights :'(.
What club you with??

I just joined up with Bankstown..
well i guess i will see you when you are better! I dont go friday nights at the moment.. no where near ready to race..!!
but Im there training on wednesdays..still working on my bike..$$$ not exactly rushing in! lol
get better soon 8)
jonny is right. Practice your starts but get a lot of kilometres under you. Look to get the heart rate up by doing say a kilo every so often during sessions. Work on leg speed. Get a motorpace or two happening. 8) 8)
Hi Ness,

Check out the mentioned site. It may offer you some useful information regarding explosive fitness which you will need to reach your goals.


Good luck with your training and i might catch you down at the dunc.


Hey dave
thanks for that.
Im hoping to start doing some specific training soon, 99% of the wed night dgv crew seem to be endurance type riders so i need to kind of branch off and train differently to the bulk of the people there I think.. I have been doing motorpaces to get basic fitness and for some spinning..and some rolling start 1 lap sprints.. but i will read that website.. hopefuly some more tips to add to my collection!

see you there if you turn up, im just doing wed nights atm..not confident/fit enough to race friday nights just yet!
ness 8)
Thats sounds good. Take your time with it and im sure you will get there. Get yourself feeling fit and strong on the track and the confidence will come.

So Wednesday night training hey? So are they getting many down there?

I'll be heading down there in bout 2 weeks when my new track bike is finished so i might catch you down there.

And im also a Bankstown rider so im sure to run into you, hopefully not on the track though, that could be messy.

Anyhow good luck with the trainin

Hey again
yeah a few ppl turn up, im guessing numbers here but its at least 15 but a fair few more id say! email [email protected] he runs the nights and knows all the info anyway..

Im really enjoying it so far! hope to see you down there..
ness ;D
Johnny - have you started training at DGV yet? wondering if youve been there all this time and I may have met you?!!
ness 8)
Hey Ness,

Ive just started training back on the road again.
I reinjured my knee so that put progress back about 4 weeks.
But i am going to go to DGV next tuesday to have a ride round then go training on wednesday night.

I seem to be very injury prone this year cos yesterday i managed to get hit by a car :mad: but i am determined to get on DGV by next week :p

cu there 8)

coolies.. geez ur hopless arent you!
Dont suppose you know anyone that can lend me a road bike until i pay mine off??

Neway, see you wednesday..im the short one who looks kinda slow compared to everyone who is able to train more than just wed nights! ;D
ps its $10 for training

what time does training start on wednesday night???


6pm dude, some peeps turn up a bit later.. its pretty casual there, if you get there and the doors are locked.. just go bash on the office window and tell young barry to open it! he has a habit of forgetting us... :)