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  1. have you ran one

    april showers
    may bring
    may flowers

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    >have you ran one

    Hundreds you putz
  3. splat

    april showers
    may bring
    may flowers
  4. Beach Bounty

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    If I do 35 miles today I well be at 5 miles a day times 114 days.
    35=50K if?
    50k×6.214=310.7 31.07 miles
    year to date 535 miles.
    5×113=565 miles
    5×114=570 miles

    4.7 a day...

    yesterday my lower body was out of gas, so sleepy a few got up and
    lifted weights before lightning and thunders close to a hour, doing
    lighter, was 135 pounds 10 times on chest and lightning all over the
    place then on incline of 85 pounds. close bars hard to pick up from
    trio posting behind the bench.
    and lightning was flashing over head 3 at a time and thunder to wake me
    up to get the H out of there. (reading New Testaments. palms) metal
    weights and all...... trees are breaking and no saws...
    all missing, and tire remover tools gone too...... found metal gig that
    split open my tire from the side in road after fixing,,roda to see if
    car-mon was.....I am good.....
    any ways 10 a day or 70 week. and added to 6 and 6 and 6......so
    after the 2 on trail I was off the 6 and 6 and 6.....
    any who. cloud smiles.....
    and rap across chest the opposites.
    left hand under and on top.
    Don't ask I think there is a medical term for this.
    N U T S O........
    in the L O O N E Y ward........

    you know what these mi;les are close to what I got written down so:
    still got the yellow shorts.
    No for today. sore.....
    biking and hiking.

    42°N,83°W 90°N,180° 90°lat,