60/40 bike fit rule . . .


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Dec 19, 2009
I know about the recommendation that 60% of your weight should be on the rear of a road bike, and 40% on front. What I'm not sure of is what hand position should one be in while determining this . . . tops, hood, or drops?
I'm pretty wary of ANY supposed hard and fast rule to bike fit. Everyone is sized, proportioned and weighted differently and there will be a spread of results.

I just did a quick test with my bathroom scales. Changing between these three hand positions makes very little (2-5%) difference and there is almost no difference between hoods and drops. So I guess you could decide on the hoods as it is where most people spend most of their time. You can make bigger differences just by shifting your hips around on the saddle (as you would whilst riding).

For the record, this test shows that I have somewhere between 32 and 37% of weight on the front axle (anyone who professes greater accuracy than this would have to be a statue when riding). I see no reason to change, since I can ride plenty fast enough how it is now and I have no handling issues.

Everyone's milage WILL vary (a lot).
Sounds like a complicated way to end up here--center of gravity over the feet, as in roughly over the bottom bracket spindle. Give or take a few centimeters. You should be able to maintain your hands-over-the-hoods back and arm position without actually putting pressure on your hands. See cyclefitcentre further reading