65 Yr Female Thinking Of Riding Again


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Sep 3, 2015
I am 4'11 and haven't ridden in 50 years...ouch! I mainly wish to use the many "Rails To Trails" facilities. I have Never ridden a bike with gears.... and so I know nothing about them.
Until I see whether or not I can Still ride a bike (I saw that smirk ...lol) I'm not wishing to spend a lot at this time.
Any advise is greatly appreciated folks
Thanking you all in advance
Go to a local bike shop. They will have some used bikes and let you try them. If not,
try another shop.
BHOFM said:
Go to a local bike shop. They will have some used bikes and let you try them. If not, try another shop.
You can do this or you can easily just go to Walmart and get another bike.
Do you know anyone who owns good cycling bikes? It's always good to know someone who can act as a good resource to help you out when you're trying to get back into the swing of things.
FWIW. Because Rails-to-Trails paths have limited slope (that is, flatter-than-not), you really won't need a bike with gears ...

Choose the bike that you are most comfortable riding ...

Look at the ELECTRA Townie series; and, use it as a possible benchmark bicycle ...

I think that the Townie bikes can probably be considered to be the adult version of a Schwinn STINGRAY ...

If you don't recall, the Stingray was a bike on which you could easily plant both of your feet squarely on the ground while seated.

OTHERWISE, look at something like an XtraSmall JAMIS "hardtail" Mountain Bike as an example of a bike you may want to consider ...

There are, of course, many other brands of bikes AND types.
AND WEAR A HELMET!!! I saw some lady on a trail riding about 4 mph. Maybe because she was up in age and riding slow she didn't need a helmet.

On the return I saw her on the pavement her husband at he side holding her head waiting for an ambulance. :mellow:
It might be a fun idea to find a group to ride with for the first little while, just because there's no better resource when you're starting out than someone who's really into cycling and can show you the ropes a bit. It's also a good way to find out about second hand bikes for sale, and if you're lucky someone might be willing to teach you how to do simple repairs and maintenance :)
You might find riding with other much more fun that riding alone. I suggest you go to a used store and talk to the guys there and see if you can find a bike you like and feel comfortable riding. It might be stressful at first but remember that it doesn't matter where you begin, what matters is where you end. Always remember to have fun riding.