7-8 vs 9 speed chains Is it worth it


Feb 27, 2023
7-8 speed chains are said to be more durable than 9 speed

but the problem is i i cant have cross gears, my front biggest chainring is perfect for the 7th gear at back
but if i just go to 6 it rubs on the derailliuer slightly
2,6 is a good gear option but that rubs too and 2,5 is not a great choice

is the tradeoff of durability for no rub chain a good deal

PS - my weekly km wont go more than roughly 70-85 km
I'm 220 to 265 over a span of 25 years cycling. I've gone from 7,8, to now 9 speed since 2002(?).

Never had a problem and that was doing 100 mile rides with 10,000ft gain and all the training that goes with it to complete those events.

Never broke a chain, 9 speed included. I am hesitant to go 10 though.

Frames area different story though. I've snapped 2 aluminum Frames while climbing mountain roads. :D