78 yr old to Bicycle across US


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Aug 31, 2004
I am writing in reference to Bill Anderson. Bill (78) will be the oldest person (that we can find record of) to ride a bicycle from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The starting date is 9-25-04. Bill was a member of the 82nd Airborne in WW2 and also in the Korean War. Bill has recently traveled by Bicycle from Canada to Mexico (in 10 days and 15 hours). A daily bike ride for Bill is 125 miles plus for his work out routine. I am writing to you from Crossroads Mission in Yuma. Bill has been a big supporter of our Homeless Shelter and has utilized his Canada to Mexico ride as benifit for us. We are now helping him get the word out about this record journey. We look forward to any support for Bill and his national ride. It would be VERY GRATEFUL to have a LETTERS OF ENCOURAGEMENT for Bill. Bill's trip will be updated daily at www.Crossroadsmission.org as we ride alongside him. We will be posting videos, pictures and answering E-Mails. We will also have links to the website of others that are helping us. You can see Bill on our website under the Newsletter section. Bill is in the summer 2004 newsletter, page 3. Bill will be leaving San Diego on 9/25 and hopes to dip his bike in the Atlantic Ocean on 10/10 at Jacksonville Beach. I have his tentative journey stops within this message. The routes are Interstate 8 Arizona to Casa Grande, then Interstate 10 throough Texas, at Beaumont TX switching to Route 12, then Route 190, switching north 19 at Baton Rouge to Route 10 east, to 26 , to 98 into Mobile and following Route 90 to Jacksonville Beach. After Texas Bill will have to stay off of the Interstate Highways going into Jacksonville.

Here is Bills tentative Journey.
9/25 Fiesta Island (San Diego)
9/26 Yuma AZ
9/27 Casa Grande / Toltec AZ
9/28 Lordburg, NM
9/29 El Paso, TX
9/30 Van Horn, TX
10/1 Fort Stockton, TX
10/2 Sonora, TX
10/3 Austin, TX
10/4 Houston, TX
10/5 Beaumont, TX
10/6 Baton Rouge, LA
10/7 Mobile, AL
10/8 Marianna, FL
10/9 Lake City, FL
10/10 Jacksonville Beach, FL
Please contact us for more information.
Rick Ploski
Crossroads Mission
944 S. Arizona Avenue
Yuma AZ 85364
928-783-9362 ext 26