Twittering One

“You have to make the call for yourself.”

I did that. ATT
Told me my bill was late.



“Ones. Big Ones.
As in ‘a pair of...’”

Balls or boobs or stars.


On cruise control...

“Headed for Viagra Falls.”

Or the Milky Way?

“Ich Liebe Dich.”

Please explain.

…drafted round a garden
Maybe Beth knows, too,
Leonardo’s where
Ab ~ Outs!

“Well all gather there.
~ Double-A

Last scene, that Maltese Dog

....a train station, somewhere
In outside of the Holland Tunnel ~

Baby boi! Come home ~
A bone I'll get you!
All fortifed with a New Generation Bisphosphonate,
Just Zometa, or
A Meta Oz \White fluffy tall tale
Told to et

PS. Bring the gang, you know
Who they are, Leonardo!

"Ones.Big Ones. As in 'a pair of...'"
~ Double-A

Sounds dicey to me.
Or para ~
Bolical. Or dia ~
Bolical. Or Constant ~
Nople. Open
The champagne, please?
Ford the water, the Viagra Falls ~
Over the top, singing Christmas
Carols, rounds sung

~ Slip, sip
Avec Charlemagne ~

Ballast me, off center
I now go ~ sailing to

Ballicatter ~ A ridge of ice formed
Along a shoreline by waves
And freezing spray.

The Ghost~est~es with the Most~est,
Just my Sacred Host, of which I Boast,
Sailing my boat across the sea of thyme,
My ancient rhyme

By Robert Herrick

"O YEARES! and Age! Farewell
Behold I go,
Where I do know
Infinitie to dwell.

And these mine eyes shall see
All times, how they
Are lost i’ th’ Sea
Of vast Eternitie.

Where never Moone shall sway
The Starres; but she,
And Night, shall be
Drown’d in one endlesse Day."

~ Sailing
My ship de
Fooles ~

* ~ You are cordially invited ~ *

....on journey, just all & me,
Into, throughout, as well,
About ~

Peterson Field Guides
Author, John C. Kricher
Illustrator, Gordon Morrison
Vol. 37
Houghton Mifflin

Too, to stumble upon
~ Mourning Would ~
So long I have, I do, I did, still am, too,
A wished-for awakening...

Or hast Thou forsaken me?
I think NOT!

"Natural history is an extraordinary subject.
The study of nature fascinated Aristotle no less
than it did Charles Darwin centuries later.
It still fascinates us today. Few subjects so clearly
and simultaneously appeal to both the emotions
and the intellect. A quiet soujourn in a spring woodland
is one of the most relaxing of experiences. The sight
of various life-forms re-emerging from dormancy
to activity provides a splendid sense of continuity. Emotions
are recharged as Skunk Cabbage pokes up, Red Maples
blossom, and the Spring Peeper chorus breaks what had
been winter's silence. Nature is art unbridled
by human bias. But, it is far more..."
~ John C. Kricher,
From the Preface

~ The other Alex”

Love & kisses to both
Alexes ~


“How do we define reality?
Can there be separate realities,
Or is the only reality the one
That we can physically sense
For ourselves?”
~ Double-A

Where’s Mr.
Carlos Castaneda?

“How do we define reality? Can there be
Separate realities, or is the only reality
The one
That we can physically sense for ourselves?”
~ Double-A

I once, briefly, crossed to other side of the mirror.
And several times, alas,
Journeyed through Ether,
AKA, either/or.
Just a sliding ramp upward,
Or sometimes, yes.
A leap ~

“Do you run in leather shoes ?
Did the salesman forget
To tell you that your shiny new
Bostonians are not high
Mileage trainers?”

Donovan Rebbechi

Are you really the Elf Lord?
Where's Elf?

Jongleur ~ A wandering minstrel of medieval
Times who traveled around singing
The compositions of troubadours
Or reciting epic poems
In noble households or royal courts.

“How to see a double star?
Merely a binary system, two stars
Orbiting one another,
Or are they just very hot, very close,
Very much in love? Too far
Gone to be scene with a backyard telescope?
Anyplace I can find some good
Info on double stars?”
~ Larry

Try 5th & 22 Clicks.
Turn thrice, & look up!
Thee, tell me, please ~
What do you see?

“Words, a.k.a. propaganda,
Indeed very effective weapons of war.”
~ Double-A

Oui, so true,
On any earthly level,
Or celestial order, overt or covert ~
Words engage or enslave.
So alas, a critical intelligence
So essential to maintain,
Cultivate intelligence to remain,
To sharpen focus, perfect
Perspective angles, deep or shallow
Fields to frame, as well,
To name the new. But know!
As well, important, so crucial
Too, cultivate submission
To en-

Are you really the Elf Lord?

~ DonVon

So, like, where’s Elf?

“They’re everywhere.”
~ DonVon

Okey dokey ~
So be it,
If you say so. [But how to know
Elf from a troll?]

But O DonVon!
I mean, well, you know ~
Where’s T-H-E
That fancy dancer,
Where gone?

“Enchantment is a good word to describe
The kind of spell that words can
~ Double-A

Some last, too.
But O? If one
Mispells one’s words,
Does the enchantment
Cast still hold
Fast? Or, do folds
Of time consume, resume
The status quo, perchance
Dazzle, or, too, robustly enhance
One's pastoral view, spark romance
Too? But chant ~ plain song
Sung, rounds rung right
For resonant romance, no wrong
Note chimed, sounds hung
On air ~ will such a spell
Enchant if my spell's
Spelled wrong?
Plain song sung round right tonight
Holds time's folds suspended ~
No further amendment.
Spoken well, spelled as bells
Knell clear mourning ~ so near,
The clerestory's night light
Spotlights a shining cast, enchanted
Carolers carousing sound around
Town Square. Just chants
Sung swell, outside on cobbled pavement ~
Lyrics, these words, handed
Down. Singers foretell, or told,
Enfold what’s new, what’s old,
To have and to hold.
To spell, yes, to order right ~
Light parting dark,
As one Beginning began.

The International Association
Mourning Would Anatomists
~ Founded, 1931,
Our Mission & Objectives ~

ß To create awareness of Mourning ~ Would
That all know Grief’s anatomy in science, technology,
And natural resource conservation,
For the public good.

Bless me.
Take me home, please.

Blog, or dog? Who knows. But if you see my lost pup, please ping me!