9 speed chain rings with 10 speed set ups

Mad Skilz

New Member
Mar 8, 2012
So, I've been doing alot of research on this 9 vs 10 subject, compact vs not... I dont race, but I love long rides and like the idea of having a good selection of geared comfort.

In the process of my build, I picked up some FSA compact 9 cranks, then later found a nice 10 speed derailluer groupo. So my question is, Do I need to swap out my chainrings to 10 speed type ( currently 34/50), to work with the 10 speed chain and 10 speed 11/28 casette??? Is it correct to assume the chainring spacing on the crank itself is no different between 9 and 10 speed??? Running Micro shift derailuers, and Shimano 105 Casette...

Any advise is helpful~
The best way to find out is to try. If it works then you've saved some money. If not then you need to buy a new pair of rings. If you do buy new ones, make them something other than FSA (not renowned for their shifting).
Fortunately the cranks and bottom bracket were a steal on eBay, if they don't work I may move onto something from Shimano... Had no idea the FSA's weren't that great... Not bad for $60???

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