9 speed dura ace

The standard answer for the price of used components is to check Ebay completed auctions...

For me, I would say that used DA 9 speed in excellent shape from a trusted seller would be worth about as much as new 105...
runnerxc21 said:
How much is a slightly used 9 speed dura ace group worth?
Less than you think ... probably, between $400-and-$600 if you were selling it as a group.

The price would depend on the actual cosmetic condition [a vague estimation of use can be made from the amount of wear on the chainrings (unless they were replaced) & of some of the other components] & crankarm length & presuming the hubs were not included (since they would be attached to the wheels!) AND the motivation of the buyer.
I picked up a groupset on Ebay for $645 with chain, carbon bars, stem, saddle, tubes thrown in. Great value.

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