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May 13, 2002
I saw a suggestion on the &quot;other&quot; cyling board and thought it good enough to repeat here:<br /><br />Everyone doing the 94,7 to write their forum nick-name in large black letters on their race numbers. That way at least we could greet each other and put a face to a (nick) name.<br /><br />Any takers? ???<br /><br />Mutton
Great suggestion but won't most of us be seeded in different groups making it alot tougher to see and meet each other?? ???
Mampara... You don't have to do it, People can find you where all the girls is busy fighting to get to you...on your RED Cannondale. ;D A class of it own, A Ferrari on 2 wheels ;)
The chassis might be a Ferrari but the engin is still a volksie. (thinking to himself: I need more training)
So, VO2, I suggest you and Steve get hold of a "barhartige samaritaan" who got a couple of x-tra money lying around ???, develop a cyclingforums.com label and we will all iron it onto our cycling shirts and shorts. :p (Must be cold iron)
seedings for 94.7 are on the web ... I start in group Q @ 7:09 based on my H2H index of 34. Pitty they don't take the more recent races into account.
I'm strarting in H at 6:45. Eich, that means I have to get up real early.
Ahh well, I guess I got about as good as I could, what with not having done any races before. SS is only the second unseeded group starting. Only problem is that the seeded characters starting before me, assuming they haven't gotten stronger, are much weaker than me (I think). Is one's index your time-winners time all over winners time?
I don't know what they used to do the seeding. I'm starting in RR (08:24). I have a indexing of 35 from the Cansa Lost City. Where do these people get there info?
A seeding index of 35 should have put you around P,Q or R. My national index is 33 and I'm starting in P.<br /><br />Having said that though, was Lost City on the 94,7 list of races which would be used for seeding purposes? ???<br /><br />Mutton
On the highveld site there is a list of qualifier races. Unfortunatly the Canca lost city is not on that list. It almost seems as if they take the best index among those.<br /><br />Your race is ((your time - winner time)/your time)*100 ... I think...
I understand your pain Mampara, my seeding from the Tour De Gold was also 35, over most of the 94.7 route, and I also didn't get a seeding, Seems like we got lucky though, as RR and SS are the first two non-seeded groups starting (Maybe we have fast sounding names or there was some moderately nice character figuring out those who should have been seeded and putting them at the top of the unseeded category). I'll put in a big effort and try catch up to you (3 mins to do it) :p, though the way my training has been going I doubt it. After the Tour De Gold I was probably on track for a 3h20 or 3h15 if I'd carried on with that training and now I'll be lucky to break 3h30.... What you aiming for Mampara? We should change the name of this thread to simply 94.7
Just got my seeding. I will be in the D batch. That was based on my time in the edenvale challenge - A race I did when I was still strong.
I did the Edenvale Challenge in 2:57, but forgot my Championchip at home that day. &^%(*&%^!!! :mad: :mad:
NOTE!<br /><br />I've just spoken to a lady at Race Office and she has assured me that they have taken action in light of the crash that took place on Sunday along the 94.7 route.<br />The section of road that contains the &quot;groove&quot; will be covered with conveyor belts, making it safe for cyclists.
Goat tells me that the whole bunch almost went down there, and one of the lady cyclists had a pretty bad cut to the head. They had to cart her away in an ambulance.
Rode past the offending grid yesterday morning. It looks very nasty. <br /><br />Is that the Club100 bunch you're referring to?