A ChampChip/WTime vote...


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Jan 24, 2002
Steve/Vo2,<br /><br />Please can you organise us a ChampChip vs. WTime poll?<br /><br />I know it's a bit regional but methinks the other websites won't open this can of worms.....<br /><br />In return cyclingforums.com might pick up some members from me posting massages on the SAfrica websites (my sales skills shining through!!!).<br /><br />We really need a public opinion on this matter to make the race organisers sit up and take notice.<br /><br />
Eldron, you can start a poll by clicking on "New Poll", next to the "New Topic" button. Go for it D! ;D
Hey - didn't know you could do that.....<br /><br />It is done!<br /><br />Make your mark and mould our future!<br /><br />
ChampionChip rules - Winning Time sucks. I and others are considering only doing races timed by ChampionChip who supply a great results site, providing competitors with every conceivable category of result-unlike WinningTime which only tells you what you already know, ie your finishing time.
Don't go overboard Mark. After all they are only the timers, its more important that you do the race and enjoy the competition and the people!!