A Cheap Bike for Tall/Heavy person (and a complete novice)?


New Member
Nov 12, 2014

I'm curious if anyone could help advise what bike would be best to get if I'm 6'7" and 111kg that would be quite cheap as bikes go?
I have no clue what type of bike is most appropriate to aid the above, but just looking to start hobby cycling (the hope being to shift a little extra weight and get about a little further than a run can take me.

I've heard there are different materials (I guess Steel being the strongest to go for?) but that's about it, any help you could give would be very much appreciated.

I just remember last time I went cycling was back when I worked at a youth hostel that had a bunch of older bikes and I ended up a bit of a accident prone menace, snapping chains, pedals through weight I imagine, even had a daunting episode going down hill when the handlebars decided to come loose and slide over to one side.. funny in hindsight but nearly wet myself in the moment lol (at least I know weight didn't cause that one :p ).. Though its fine when its not your bike, I'd like to invest the little I have into something strong enough to not need constant repairs if you know what I mean.

Thanks All!