A child's innocence


Jan 8, 2016
Teen pregnancy will always grind my gears. Because I will never think a teen is ready to take on the responsibility that is a child. Their brain is still developing! They don't know what love is. They have no important experience with the world of parenting. School is a big deal. It's stressful. A lot could go wrong. My question is does **** really affect children? Is it a humongous issue?
**** can deeply influence teenagers because their hormones are in overdrive during those years anyway, so any sexual influence (including mild ones like soft **** in rated R movies) can be taken in and processed as something that's okay to try out. It's important that we raise our kids to make good decisions regarding these issues, so they can be better prepared when those trials do affect them. Teaching is the first, best step toward reducing teen pregnancy. We cannot always protect our children when they are away from us, so we need to teach them before they get to the age where they try to become more independent from their parents. Parental teaching is not a perfect solution, I realize that, but it certainly can't hurt.
Of course. **** provides fake expectations of real sex to a teenager; parents should teach their children about sex and the responsibility that entails it in practice. Otherwise, if **** became a source of first contact, nothing well would be the outcome for sure. Is like giving your children meal money and let them eat what they want without a guidance, they will go for milkshakes, white sugar coated candy and burger for sure.
While **** certainly has an influence on younger kids, it's not really the main cause of teenage pregnancy and in fact, the rate of teenage pregnancy is lower right now compared to before, despite the prevalence of the internet and easy access to these materials. It may be an effect of the increasing population that we tend to notice more teenage women who are pregnant, but just look at our grandmothers, most of them married early and had children when they were also in their teens.
No, I think it's not about the ****. It's about the parents. The parents should guide their kids to become well educated person. The parents should teach their kids at young age about the do and don'ts, and maybe lack or religious beliefs is also included there. **** is just part of growing up, it's hard to blame it into just one situation.