A Current Afair



FYI - there is a story about 'cyclists v's drivers' on tomorrow nights program (25th jan) If you get a chance it may be worth watching.

ACA is on at 7pm down here (aust only) ;)

Nothing like a rush in to predict what happens. The betting for me is don't let the facts get in the way of a good story. Go on A Current Affair prove me wrong!
I'm with you on this one redhendren, we can always hope though can't we?
It seems to be very topical here in Queensland at the moment. Hence the cynical approach.

We have a controversy over what speed cyclists should be allowed do on the Goodwill Bridge. 10km per hour has been suggested. Cyclist are a danger to pedestrians is the common cry.

The tradegy surrounding Luke Harrop!

An unconfirmed report that Channel 9 Gold Coast news ran a story tonight on motorists bashing a cyclist.

And now "A Current Affair".

I know someone gave Kerry Packer a kidney. I'm willing to give him a bike!
The predictable happened on "A Current Affair". Lets go for ratings and set the story up as the war between motorists and cyclists continues with neither side giving in. Get the venom pumping.

Add the recent tragic event plus a bashing of a triathlete on the Gold Coast plus two Swiss riders training on the Gold Coast who were knocked down today on a roundabout and there's your story.

Bring in a motoring group .... show some footage of a pack riding two abreast (describe that as illegal - which it is not) .... show a cyclist riding against the traffic or narrowly missing pedestrians and you have an intolerable position. Verify this by asking a motorist if he wants to share the road with a cyclist to which he replies "no" and you have a top rating, emotion charged piece of television.

In bringing the "A Current Affair" story to air Channel 9 in Brisbane canned a story about cyclists and the Goodwill Bridge which was due to air tonight. No doubt this story will be dusted off at some later date and you can bet the media angle will be the same. Cyclists again in the spot knocking over pedestrians.

I'll head for the road tomorrow wondering what to expect!