A good idea for a bike horn? what do you guys think?

Someone ought to give that guy a DMV instruction pamphlet for rules of the road.
I guess if I was in a panic situation and needed to stop fast and alert the driver at the same time...I think I would rather have both hands on the brake so I can stop quicker instead of using one brake and a horn.

Besides that the horn guy is a dumb **** because he runs through crosswalks full of pedestrians, the law is you're suppose to stop for the peds not blow some horn and force your way through them.

What I would like to know is if the horn can be heard by a driver of a car that has the windows up and the stereo on.

If I was one of the peds on a crosswalk and he forced his way pass me I would have pushed him over!!
It's really bad when some riders use some horn that us disturbing and inappropriate for the bike. I am always of the opinion that there is a limit to the type of horn we can use and another thing to note is for the traffic authorities to act more on those riders that default Tue traffic rules.
Too loud and disrupting, and also the biker doesn't know how to act appropriately on the road.
Too loud and disrupting, and also the biker doesn't know how to act appropriately on the road.

That is what put some people into accidents. When there are some of us that are riding rough on the road maybe after he has gone into some kind of drinking or something of that nature. This is the reason that I'm always careful when I ride.
More disturbing is that there are people in the crosswalks and the cyclist doesn't stop for pedestrians. Honking at them rather than stopping like he should. Of course you know cyclists want everything their way, their rights respected but don't have much respect for others. :mad:

I hate horns, no reason for them! We were invited on a club ride. Sure tagged along then some chick on the back of a tandem right behind us blew an air horn! WTF! :eek: No reason for it, blew it just to be stupid I guess! ;)

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