A GREAT BOOK - THE HEALTHY ALCOHOLIC - Written for lovers of Strong Drink ! Like ME!

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  1. The Healthy Alcoholic is the most unusually great book/almanac on
    staying young and strong as well as enjoying your favorite drink for as
    long as you want . If you love to drink Beer , Wine , or even the
    "hard stuff" and you want to maintain optimal health , this is a
    Great book , (simply written) that will allow you to be in better
    health than those who do not drink . Lets face it...., everyone has a
    habit , or are on the road to creating one that can , if not
    controlled can damage the body badly . Many people pop legal pills and
    do as much damage to the liver as those who drink Vodka !
    The Healthy Alcoholic is a book written by a man who loves Beer and has
    no intentions on quitting . If you want to still enjoy your favorite
    drink and still look good and feel good - inside and out - GET THIS
    BOOK ! If the directions are followed correctly , you will see a great
    change in how you feel and think . Copies are selling fast , Order
    yours today ! You can get a copy of the book the old fashioned way by
    sending a $12.00 Money Order to
    2801 Redwood Pkwy #121 Vallejo CA. 94591
    Do not waste your health away just because you love drinking ! You can
    splurge all you want and STILL BE IN GOOD SHAPE !