A hard day's work

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    After finishing a hard day's work on his own - because his partner
    didn't show up - a carpet-layer cleaned up all his tools and prepared
    to leave.

    Patting his pocket, he realized that his cigarette pack was missing.

    Looking around the room, he noticed a small lump in the centre of the
    carpeting he just finished laying, just about the size of his
    cigarette pack.

    Considering for a minute, he finally decided to lay a board over the
    lump and hammer it flat.

    Relieved that the lump was no longer noticeable, and that he wouldn't
    have to pull the carpet up again, he loaded his equipment into his
    truck, and found his cigarettes laying on the front seat. Just then
    the lady of the house ran out to his truck.

    "The carpeting looks great," she assured him, "but I was wondering if
    you had seen my parakeet?"


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    Lol! The parakeet he thought was cigarettes.This is kind of true with some things like this. Working on things or fixing something. I watched someone do something like this but with a car. The extra part that he couldn't figure out where it was supposed to be put back.