A Huge Thank You!


New Member
Feb 25, 2015
Hi Everyone,
Earlier this year I posted about our new style of pump head that we put on Kickstarter. Thanks to forums like this, the project was a success. We recently fulfilled all of our Kickstarter pledges.

Thanks again!
Coupon Code :Kickstarter2015
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Oh great to see that you have had success! That makes me happy forums like this exist, so one can get a great feedback. Congratulations. The style of your pump is great. I hope they come in different colours.
Good to know your project was successful, congratulations. I like how it looks too.
I'm glad your project was a success and I'm pleased the forum and it's members could help.

It's also pleasing that you've taken the time out to say thank you because a lot of the time, people will ask for help from a forum, then never be seen again and we're left wondering then what happened.
Awesome! I'm happy to hear about the success of your Kickstarter campaign. Your bicycle pump looks really convenient and is ideally suited for my needs. I'll make sure to order one and I'm also glad to hear that these forums were helpful for your project.
Whaaat? So great, I remember seeing this and I see a lot of kickstarters, but I always thought this was a good idea. So glad to see it worked out for the best.
It seemed like in a video I watched that a lot of air was escaping from the presta valve when disengaging than any of my pumps, normally one could argue that was because there is still air pressure in the hose except in the video they didn't pump any air into the tire. Of course I'm at a disadvantage making a comment like I've done since I've never used one so can go by what I think the video is showing.
Too bad I was not able to catch the video as it is not longer existing. What is important is you were able to secure the funding. I hope this will greatly help everyone who wishes to use it. Very inspiring to hear about your good news.

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