a little friendly motivation and a new goal

Discussion in 'The Bike Cafe' started by Guest, Jul 17, 2002.

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    Well, to say the least, my average speed on my bike (having just started riding a few months ago) was less than to be desired. Okay, it was slow....da.mn slow!

    I felt like I had hit a brick wall and was getting discouraged about even riding. I couldn't get past this same average speed, it seemed, for the last couple months.

    I was really starting to get so down about it that I was starting to not like riding anymore. A friend of mine that I ride with, heard me bitch about this over and over. One day, we went out for a ride. I noticed that he had picked up his pace. So, I kept up with him. I didn't think about my speed much, just tried to stay with him.

    When it was all said and done with and we got back, I checked my average speed. I had surpassed it by 3 mph! I hadn't been able to break my same average speed for months! And, NOW, I had broken it by 3 more mph! Anyway, I looked at my friend, who was now smiling at me. It seems, he knew I could do it all along. I just needed the proper motivation. LOL

    Anyway, every ride I have had after that has been significantly faster that what I had been doing for months before. I guess I just needed a little convincing.

    Just thought I would share that with you...it is 90% mental.

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    I think that with any type of training you reach a plateau. It's very difficult to crest that limitation and then when you do, it opens new vistas.


    To paraphrase a Yogi Beraism "80% of the game is 90% mental".
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    I think it might have also been an effect of putting in more base miles. I still don't ride as much as I would like because I do multisport. But, I am glad that I have re-ignited my interest for riding again. And, I look forward to kicking butt at my next race.

    Next race? a nice flat fast ride by the ocean...can't wait!
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    Had the exact same experience when I started cycling. I always did my training rides alone, then, after a month or two, my husband started riding with me. I asked him not to go too fast, I won't be able to keep up. Needles to say, he did not listen. But when we finished our ride, I was amazed to see how my avarege improved. From there on, it just got better and better. Unfortunately, I now have to train all by myself, but I try to stay motivated.