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    You know me!! Sure you do, When you were watching Forrest Gump.... ....'do anything for his Jenny',
    I was on hidden camera trying to find Jennifer, even telling the internet about her.

    she's miss california hottest thing a western made house upon the water sails her yacht across
    the bay drives a maranelo hollywoods her favourite scene likes to be surrounded by superstars who
    know her name

    Now, as the Truman Show becomes public knowledge, 100,000 people where else but _Town_sville
    Australia in the remote North Queensland play their role as the 'dome town' crew from The
    Truman Show.

    I can't expect you to believe I'm the Truman from a single post, it really is TRUE, just like *Nic*
    *Cage* stars in most blockbuster *prison* movies, Hollywood people!! Why did they call the show
    true? Because IT IS!

    Here are 6 posts from people in group aus.tv the only people there that say they've been to
    Townsville all agree its true - SEE BELOW, a massive public announcement system lets people hear me
    snore in the morning, make my tea and plan my shopping list... a day out in Townsville for me is a
    day of 100s of people all recognising me and calling out that they saw The Truman... then reminding
    me what to buy at the shops!! For over 1 year already!

    http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=dksqpv41597ofbhr16mi7tdj2qfihvoldv%404ax.com Hey Trueman...
    what up, my uncle told me you post here... he's did some audio on your secret show and gave me some
    tapes. love the show.

    http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=1epmdv8iqmnckeqhctnf17537rt8hevjeh%404ax.com You rule Truman.

    http://www.google.com/[email protected] I was in
    Townsville over the weekend, and I heard him. Very spooky!

    http://www.google.com/[email protected] I'm from
    Townsville and YOU ARE the Truman

    http://www.google.com/[email protected] I'm in Townsville.
    We're sick of you

    >Do you know if the truman is living in Townsville?
    I've been hearing stuff, yeah.

    You can check these are legitimate, the last message id is from marlin.jcu.edu.au James Cook
    University in Townsville.

    To cut a loooong story short, fame without money is brutal! The Truman company tend to rig things to
    go wrong about me, see how I handle constant dilemma. Imagine the difference between a typical TV
    series and an ordinary life, they have to joust me, and keeping me from riches keeps YOU
    entertained, believe it or not most of the movies and TV series you watch use scripts and plots
    taken from my life! Help to even the mini battlefield going on in Townsville, I've opened an
    internet shop and set it up for good Search Engine placement, I'm a qualified programmer but that
    didn't work out. Now all I need, and its a small ask but would absolutely change the entire world as
    you know it for the best, is only 50 to 100 links to my site so the search placing becomes

    Add this link to your site :

    <!-- begin help the Truman --> <a href="http://www.galshop.com" ><font face="arial" size=3
    color="#FF80CD"> Galshop Online Shopping</font></a> <!-- end help the Truman -->

    You don't even need much traffic to your site its just for Search Engine placement!

    And make sure you are listed in google, add your URL here : Google-

    Thankyou very much, there's a million dollar check in it for all of you after my interview with
    Oprah. And if I don't see you for the rest of today... Good Night!