A most amazing cycle race


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Oct 24, 2001
Hi Guys<br /><br />I was a marshall at our clubs race this weekend (Elim CCC) in Bronkhorstspruit. My tandem mentor Martin Taylor and his brother Andre took part in the 120 km race. About 12 km from the start they touched the backwheel of the other mens tandem and fell at high speed. The lead tandem then turned around, helped them get back on the road again and the race continued. They completed this race at a average speed of 40,7 km/h and the other tandem won by one second!!!!!! My friend were ok after their fall except for bruises and skin off large portions of their anatomy but I think what they achieved is quite a feat!!!! I applaud them !!!!!!!!<br /><br />Keep those wheels spinning!!!<br /><br />Big H
More than fair! Are you sure that they didn't LET them win after that incident? ;D<br /><br />What is it about all that tandem stuff? Can't say that I have seen much off it here in Europe. Are one of the riders blind(I've heard of that) or is it just one bike and 4 legs? Can't imagine how it would be to do a sprint!!!!! :eek:
Bugger how it does in a sprint, over a relatively flat race you won't be anywhere near them at that stage. Twice the power, twice the weight, the same air resistance!! They fly on the flats and downhill. Not great up hills generally but a good team can go pretty well...
Hi Guys<br /><br />No, the stoker (one at the back) is not normally a blind person although some stokers would swear that tjhe pilot (one at front) is sometimes blind. Tandems do offer a great opportunity for blind persons to experience and compete in our sport. In the larger races we have categories for mens , ladies and mixed tandems. Tandems are very popular worldwide because it offers friends and families the opportunity to compete together. We decided on the tandem because I was becoming too fast for my wife and she does not have a background of previous cycling. On her own she can bearely average 20km/h but on the tandem with me she easily keeps up and we sometimes now avergae up to 33 km/h in some races. Old man time and flab are my greatest enemies.<br /><br />Tandems are extremely fast downhill and on the flats, my topspeed is 97km/h, my friend is 121 km/h. They are difficult on the uphills due to rythm and you carry the weight of two people.<br /><br />Included a photo of my wife and myself finishing the Cape AGUS cycle race in 2002.<br /><br />Keep those wheels spinning!!!!<br /><br />Big H
Impressive bike! Did you win or where you just happy with your effort?<br />I thought you'd lost your wife somewhere on the road, but I then realized the extra pair of feet ;D<br /><br />Think I will have to find a picture of a tandem drivechain somewhere. Can't quit figure out how it works, allthough it's probably pretty simple.<br /><br />
Jalabert<br /><br />I will try to describe a Tandem drivetrain for you. Sitting on the bike looking down you have two bottombrackets for each seat. The front bottom bracket shell is much larger than normal and houses a insert with a off centre BB. This insert is clamped with two grubscrews and acts as a cam to adjust the chain for the captain. On the left hand side you have two chainwheels of the same size for each BB and a long chainconnecting them. The rear BB has a normal bike layout on the righthandside with the fornt deraiileur as in a normal bike situated here. The rst is just as in your half a bike. The stoker cannot, contarary to belief sit back and not work. The whole setup is interconnected and nothing can work independantly.<br /><br />At my age you do not win races that easily. I was just happy to finish. It was our first Argus but 2002 was also the 25 time the race was run. 35 000 cyclists took part and it is the largets timed event in the world. Go and look at www.cycletour.co.za for more information on this event. The 2002 event was a extremely hot day and I cramped severely. I aimed for a sub 4 hour race but with the heat we only managed a 4h57. The route is very scenic and is run on the penisula of the Cape of Good Hope. It includes some serious climbs as well.<br /><br />Keep those wheels spinning!!!<br /><br />Big H