A possible cure ? Probiotics-intestional engine !

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  1. A possible cure ? Probiotics-intestional engine !

    With so much money focused on pharmaceutical drugs to find a cure for
    the symptoms, science may have overlooked a simple cause and effect of
    many 'diseases' attributed to 'chemical imbalances'.

    The solution is too simple, if it is a solution.

    You see we often make the mistake of saying it is important what you
    eat, because what you eat depends on what 'your intestinal system'
    processes, and that is through 'the synergistic' effect of 'friendly
    flora in your intestinal system. Keywords are probiotic,
    micro-organisms, acidophilus.

    If your intestinal flora becomes corrupted, by a virus, a bacteria or
    other cause, much like a computer virus, the 'program' to process
    chemicals is rendered corrupted. The symptoms, and diseases can vary,
    depending on the person and the infection.

    There are three key steps to addressing this problem.

    1. A wide spectrum anti-biotic, or better yet a herbal anti-parasitic
    formula to neutralize these infections. (Herbal products seem to be
    better as they are more wide spectrum)

    2. A high fiber cleansing matter, like psyllium found in some cereals.

    3. A supply of 'friendly bacteria', found in yogurts and pill forms.

    Here is a link:

    Again do your own research on the key words, and remember it may take
    several months to cleanse and re-establish a balanced system.

    Caesar J. B. Squitti