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    Just One of
    The Morning Wood Blew Books ~
    "The Disenchanted Forest,
    And Who Lived
    In There..."

    * ~ The Official Register
    Of what happened, and O
    So much more ~ *
    Yes ~
    A Forever Moore
    Morning Wood Publication
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    O, to celebrate
    The High Diction
    And The Low ~ For know,
    To each, from both, our gift ~ From
    Which the betwixt and between springs
    Truth. A means to mend our ways,
    Our uncommon needs, as well our common
    Need to sing
    And eat, have sex, and sleep!

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  3. * "The Objective Notary ~
    Signifying The Goal"
    ~ Afterworlds, a Discussion Refresher
    Swills, or a Goblet
    Of Grenadine, at...

    ....The Greyhound's Cavity ~
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    A Morning Wood Education Disorder
    The Greensward Grass-Grown Turf
    Razor's Edge, Far Right
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    O, to celebrate
    The High Diction
    And The Low ~ For know,
    To each, from both, our gift ~ From
    Which the betwixt and between springs
    Truth. A means to mend our ways,
    Our uncommon needs, as well our common
    Need to sing
    And eat, have sex, and sleep!

    ~ * ~

    Carnal knowledge, or canine carnival?

    And if, one's dreams
    Bear nightmares, O, what then?

    "When Still'd, or purg'd by tribulation.
    For when that Crosse ungrudg'd, unto you stickes,
    Then are you to your selfe, a Crucifixe.
    As perchance, Carvers do not faces make,
    But that away, which hid them there, do take;
    Let Crosses, soe, take what hid Christ in thee,
    And be his image, or not his, but hee."

    ~ John Donne ,
    >From 'The Crosse'


    "Hee, a he, or a her?
    Or just
    A hee hee, a laughing gull, or cormorant?
    Or a giggling gaggle ganging
    Up on me? Or this active agent, within language,
    As Ms.
    Ann Lauterbach so long ago
    Back to me? Or just Vk, Ms.
    McCarty trailing me, tackling my tail, my
    Insouciant soul, my flagging sails? Or Inspirit, within
    Our soul, our common language, so clearly
    Uncommon, when means need
    A way, a puff of wind? Or inspiration, an inborn breath,
    Spiraling, both inward, and
    Outward, toward shore, a proffered hand, a sandy landing,
    When so deeply unmoored?

    Or just ~ My mother
    Rushing me? Or another knowing one
    Undone, as
    Undoing does?"
    ~ Twittering


    O, dear ~ My shoelaces, my sneakers,


    ~ love of first line ~

    "Something like, 'put her
    On the shelf,' would be my guess.
    Push her aside."
    ~ Giger
    Desires And Longings

    "Au contraire ~ Ginger,
    Counter! Memories,
    Dreams, reflections, also, yes,
    Questions. Quest
    Or cope. For the rest,
    I must only hope...ET still
    Want to go home. Where's my pup?"
    ~ Twittering

    "Don't you know?"
    ~ Agent

    ~ Twittering

    The sheep meadow,
    ....So chasing dreams,
    O memories...

    "...our periodic table
    By the reflecting pool."
    ~ Mum

    "Sniffin, lickin,
    You ~
    Our love of first lines
    Rhymes, too."
    ~ Twittering

    "A Corona Light,
    Some Doritos, guacamole, too,
    We'll order."
    ~ Mum

    "Godiva chocolate, too.
    I, you, my candy: How dare I say
    How much I love you?"
    ~ Twittering

    "Your love, yes,
    I nevertheless must know less
    Of. And so, thus, me, I will learn."
    ~ Mum

    "Candy, so, sweet,
    You cannot know how faire
    Thee are to me. Am I so
    Faire for you?"
    ~ Twittering

    "Indeed, you are."
    ~ Mum

    "So rather honestly,
    To gain your love, I ask ~
    Is so much of your heart, your mind,
    As mine,
    Your preoccupation with all my love?"
    ~ Twittering

    "My love develops hourly,
    For you, as sands
    Surely pass though our
    Hour glass, our light shaft, a figure eight,
    An infinite array ~ In an hour, soft,
    So aloft! Alas, so fine our
    Grains of time."
    ~ Mum

    "Thee, doth my mind, you,
    Too, develop."
    ~ Twittering

    "However, both you and me, we,
    So alike, seem so completely as one,
    Not so many hours ago."
    ~ Mum

    "Thus, Thee, in love, we as one do speak,
    Until more kisses claim their turn,
    Our hourly undoing..."
    ~ Twittering

    ~ John

    "Yes, mon cher, I hear you!
    Coming, we will, shortly."
    ~ Twittering

    "Happy, Thee, with words, such as the latter,
    Most utter only in their youth.
    We now climb as a ladder."
    ~ Mum

    ~ A field
    Disturbance ~

    "Hurry, the curtain,
    The hour!"
    ~ Ms. Virginia Woolf

    "We will, we are, indeed,
    On our way!"
    ~ Mum


    ~ Knock, knock!

    "O, who's there?"


    ?O, okay, I'll read, some more, as already,
    I did. Always more to learn, to read, on
    Second sight, or first brief
    Glimpse, a manuscript unbound, dreamed, without seams,
    For yet unsewn, my unperfected bound
    Bindery, of Thee
    I sing?

    Or ~ Reade? Do I need
    Now to go the drugstore, Duane Reade,
    Or, O, wait, Hm, yes, true, I know
    A few who live over there ~
    Down there, in Tribecca, not far from Soho.
    But O, what to do?
    O, for now, Kleenex, I require,
    So off to the real world, the drug store
    I must travel ~ If only, though, I can drag
    Myself out of the house!


    ~ Morning Wood's Wrought Iron...
    ....Gate ~

    ~ Fauna Cater, Flora Waiters ~

    I was born by the ocean. I like the colors blue and red.
    Sometimes I write poems.

    Leon was a Christmas Eve puppy.
    Spell his name backwards. He was a very special little dog.
    I miss Leon all the time.

    Sometimes, when the laces on my sneakers come untied,
    I know it's Leon pulling them undone to remind me
    he's always here with me.

    He was all white and weighed four pounds.
    I miss him.
    My friend Bill took me to get Leon. Bill went to Heaven, too.

    (((((Leon's quite a lamb, but please bless him
    @ He's out on a limb...>>>>>

    ~ * ~
    Blog, or dog? Who knows.
    But if you see my lost pup, please bring him home!
    I got Leon a brand-new bone.

    ~ * ~
  4. "BAM bitch?
    Or time for rehearsal, over at the Brooklyn
    Academy of Music?"
    ~ Twittering


    A very worthy cause, on any account! Yes,
    Please call, please holler for all our
    Former colleagues, over at the flagship,
    That Whitney Museum of American Art,
    Of all ~ Too many, now, to list, for
    I too fondly, too heartily, but merrily with dew ~ dappled
    ~ Twittering

    Who's steering this canine catastrophe, my cacophonous
    Carousing casualty, so casually, so callously
    Called ~
    My Ship of Fooles?

    Of Thee, Morning Wood * Of an Outlyer Linescape
    Vastly Still Incomplete,
    So Ghastly Ghostly!


    ~ Twisted Noir Notes,
    A Noted Tear Scape Swells
    Today's Mishap,
    Or Just a Poole of Tears,
    My Misshapen Destiny,
    My Ship of Fooles ~

    O, no matter! Seen that cairn terrier?

    But pardon me, yes, I confess,
    Sometimes, I am nothing but a snob, so
    Regarding that BAM hitch?
    Our time for rehearsal, over at the Brooklyn
    Academy of Music? Would it be, I mean ,
    Too much to reconsider, if only for my mother,
    A greater snob than I, if, O,
    Our 'Opera Noir, Twisted Notes,' opens
    Centerstage at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall,
    The Metropolitan Opera, best of all ~ The
    Theatre of The Sphere de Wood
    ~ Twittering

    ~~ *~ A Morning Wood Opera ~
    And O, Quite a Production! ~~ * ~

    ~ *~
    "Opera Noir, Twisted Notes"
    The Western Edge ~
    Theatre of The Sphere de Wood Shakespeare
    Of Production of Morning ~ In Addition to Central
    * Arts of Continuation * Embrumant Occupies * It Is a Star *

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