A Question of Nature



Just wondering when the pros race what happens if they have to go for a pee? ;D do they have to be speedie consaliz?

do they take a ani pee tablet 8) ?
hmmm i am not happy

i just was going to go on a ride and when i was going down the first hill from my house my zefal pump fell off, and then then a @#$$#@ car ran over it, its history. and its a 75 buck pump hmmm :( :( a similar thing happed to my dads too his zefal pump fell of the got damaged beyond help i think im goin to make a securing attachment for my next pump as insurance.
On shorter distances they usually don't stop. If a pit stop needs to be made by someone in the leading bunch, then everyone usually joins in and backs off the pace. Those that need to stop, just need to hurry up and join the bunch again. If you get left behind, tough. During this years Tour de France, Lance had to make a pit stop at same stage and most of the bunch stopped aswell. His team mates waited up and helped him back into the bunch. I noticed that most of them didn't even get off their bikes. They just unclipped one leg and did their business! My wife found it hillarious ;D
Personally, I make sure that I make a pit stop as close to the start of the race as possible (in terms of time, not distance ;D ) I also try not to eat anything that will upset my stomach or encourage bowel movement in the two days leading up to the race. I usually eat lotsa pasta during that time (carbs).
Wow peeing while still cliped in that must take some skill. i dont think i could do it ;D

Good to hear that they are not totally left be hind and can catch up as if i became pro this would be the headline

'nicholas looses race for peeing to much :(
Any of you seen the Road to Paris show? You'll see 2 USPS riders holding up one of their teamates while he pees while riding the bike with one leg unclipped.

How do they stick IT out of those tight shorts????
i quite often end up peeing on slight downhill gradients. it's quite easy really.

freewheel with both hands off the bars and reach down and find one's er... manhood

use the other hand to pull down top of shorts. once this is done the shorts can be held in place with the hand holding the... you know...todger.

now put other hand back on bars and move slightly forward off the saddle. now you can start peeing.

it really isn't that difficult.
takes a bit of practice but then, what doesn't?
yeah, it's a bit messy and you have to wait to find a deserted strech of road but in a race it's got to be a pretty useful skill.
i can't think of many amateur races where the bunch would wait for me to finish peeing!
sounds like youve got it figured out !!. though im not sure if id do it if i was not in a race. would the pee not fly back on to the bike if there was a wind? yeechh.
I've seen it done while riding but never had to myself yet.

In races I find that I don't need to take a slash at all as long as I do it just before the start.
Your leg will be full of pee if you pee while the bike is moving. Belive me....  But if you have to go, and the pace is way too high in the bunch, then it is the only way of doing it.

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At least you guys are lucky in this respect. What are the women suppose to do? It takes us much longer to relieve ourselves as it is (you all should know). :eek:

But at least we got something better than having the ability to stand up and pee. ;D ;D ;D
Yeah, seriously, what do women do during their races if they have to go? Is it organized? ???
Well im a racing cyclist and i can tell you what happens if you need to go in a race.... there are 2 options

1. if its a long race the peleton as a group will decide to stop and take a pee
2. and this is what normally happens you will get a mate to hold onto you bars or your hip so you can umm flop it out down your leg and take a pee...
Usually thou most riders just make sure they take a pee before they race.... Im not sure what the girls do???