A Safe And Natural Way To Lose Weight Permanently

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    A special group of fats known as medium chain triglycerides (MCT), derived from coconut oil have opposite effects as compared to other oils and fat compounds. They reduce body fat and therefore, MCT oils are recommended to treat obesity.

    When people switch from soybean or corn oils to coconut oil (MCT), they can loose 12-36 pounds of weight in a year no matter even if other diet schedules remain unchanged.
    The question is how does coconut oil help reduce weight? Naturally there is just one low-calorie fat in this world and that is coconut oil. It is odd to say a fat as being low calorie but as a matter of fact it is true. MCT in coconut oil does not contribute to providing fat to the fat cells; instead, it produces energy and gears up the metabolism. As a result of increased energy for up to 24 hours, there are calories being used to boost the energy level. This accelerates energy level, and calorie levels lose pace.

    For this reason, coconut oil or MCT is added to many commercial sports drinks and energy bars.

    When MCTs are added to foods, people eat less and comparatively feel fuller for a longer period of time. This makes them eat less in the next meal. And again! Lower calories are taken in. this leads to a greater chance of weight loss.

    For the reason being that MCTs are

    Low calorie fats,
    Gear the metabolism,
    Give more energy which leads to
    Burning of calories,
    Satisfy to a greater extent,

    We can say that coconut oil should be added to the diet if you aim to loose weight.

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    I agree with everything you stated except this last statement. My wife and I use coconut oil for the benefit of MCT's, but as a former competitive bodybuilder that has been down to the 3 to 5% bodyfat level on many occasions without the use of MCT's and some with the use of MCT's I can vouch that weight loss can occur efficiently without the use.

    My right to disagree :)

    I have a problem with the word "should" with the implication that it is necessary to have MCT's / Coconut oil in the diet in order to lose weight other than that I agree with the rest your statement.