A to Z of Cycle Training



I'm creating a list of links that runs from A to Z, anything related to cycle training or of interest to coaches. I've come stuck on J, K, Q, X and Z. Can anyone come up with any?
Letter J

Maybe information on significant JOINTS utilised in cycling.
JUMPS, in breakaways and sprinting.
Specific training for JUNIORS.

Letter K

Training for the KILO rider.
KOPS (knee over pedal spindle) for rider positioning.

Letter Q

Only think of the word QUADRACEPS

Letter X

No idea, maybe X training.

Letter Z

No clue really. The only word that comes to mind, ZINC for recovery.

Good luck with your project.

Cheers Dave,

I'm really after websites to link to but you have given me some new ideas to search out some websites with (I've been a bit narrow in my search).

I've managed a J, www.jason-queally.com (good site).

The challenge is on for a K, Q, X and Z.

Any more ideas?
I have a few links in the Link Index section of this site......if any of those suit what your after feel free to cut and paste 'em :)