a typical week for a pro


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Sep 20, 2009
now that the pros season is in full swing, does anyone know how a pros average week goes training wize?

lets say the average pro races saturday, with no races till the next saturday, what does he do all week?

i know if there is the big flanders race on saturday, he may race that, then on wednesday he may race fleche wallone, but the typical week, what does he do? cycle sport magazine never tells detailed training for these guys..interviews with riders, but no detailed training..

a few years ago, a spanish guy that won a big 1 day race, rode 18 mph for 2 hours during the middle of the week till the following weekends race they evenhad a close up of his bike computer, saying even the pros ride slow.. but that was a race on saturday and 18mph for 2 hours middle of the week. what did he do the other 5 days before his next race?? books and magazines never tell of their training. they just say the ride alot.. anyone know a typical weeks training for these guys.? some guys races last weekend and arnt racing the paris nice race.. so what are they doing all week before their next race?

be nice to know how they train..

Pros know what they need to do to be in shape for their next race. They do it.


If you consider that some pros show up at races for training purposes, one would think that other pros are training alone at the same effort.

I do know that they are doing more than the 12-20 hours a week some coaches suggest. Whatever they do is at a higher power output than you are able to do.
keep in mind he a pro will have different riding depending on his goals as well. His training would be geared to what races he wants to win/ be super[COLOR= rgb(34, 34, 34)]domestic[/COLOR] etc. So what he does between races changes throughout the year. I know little of the details of a pro training regiment but I would assume that changes in training is one of the major reasons that the big names of the sport often don't ride well during periods of the racing calendar.

I can't really speak for cyclists but in my rowing career I my training was rather hard between races early in the year and I was certainly no where near 100% on race day. Those races mainly to gain race experience, learn my weaknesses, tactics, how i'm matching up, what technical breakdowns occurred during the race as I fatigued/ black out, and simply I love to race. As the championship races approach training sessions became less taxing on the body making sure I was at 100% for championship races.
the Pro calendar is so hectic that it would be rare for them to ride 1 race per week. If that was the case, they do a super hard training ride 3 to 4 days before the race, like 6 hours ride, motorpacing (riding behind a motorbike) or splitting the day in two blocks of training. When a Pro have rest days still it means riding, for example 2 hours aerobic. The day before the race you do a reasonably intense ride with some sprints, some intervals but nothing too hard and nothing too structured. Next Saturday the 17th is Milan San Remo, what the guys are doing to prepare, are stage races, of 6 to 7 days, Paris Nice & Tirreno Adriatico, they will have 4 to 5 days to recover from them before the big day. Again, to recover, still means they are riding daily,