A year on a bike: A documentary


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Dec 28, 2010
Hey everyone, We're two filmmakers who've decided to give up the luxuries of cars and apartments for a year, crossing the country on recycled road bikes with a portable production studio in-tow.

We're producing a documentary about our travels in episodes, along with photography and writing. We've finished the first leg of the journey and have a short film online: http://www.americarecycled.org/?p=618

We'd love to hear feedback from other like-minded individuals about how we're presenting the lifestyle to the world. If you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare, let us know what you think! Thanks a lot everyone, Noah and Tim
First of all congratulations on your adventure,
i took a look the other day from your link in other posting, pictures are so perfect and so much quality that it looks like still pictures you would buy in a store, takes away a bit of spontaneity and might shift the approach of your journey away from raw bicycle touring into a filmmaking project, which is a nice thing too.
Hi guys,

I am impressed by your idea, your excellent film-making quality and especially by the way you are presenting the valuable people you meet.
I am looking forward to seeing more!

Best regards,