A2Z AD-PMR disc brake adapter experience?


New Member
Nov 25, 2005
I am building up an older Klein Attitude frame that has the 22mm Hayes chainstay disc mounts. I want to use disc breaks, and it appears that the only solution to using current 51mm IS disc calipers is the a2z AD-PMR adapter.

This is a chainstay specific adapter, but I am aware that there are usually seatstay clearance issues. There is a picture of the adapter on the a2z web site: http://www.a2zcomponents.com/ada.htm, but it is unclear from the image if there is sufficient seatstay clearance. It would have been helpful to see a caliper mounted as well.

I have emailed a2z but haven't heard back yet.

Does anyone have specific experience with this adapter? Is there enough seatstay clearance?