A4Z Hub / Campag 10 speed Cassette


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Sep 19, 2012
[COLOR= rgb(51, 51, 51)]Hargroves cycles in Fareham sold me my Ridley Flandrien and are no longer stocking their bikes, or spares. I need a new freehub on a A4Z hub and Campag Veloce rear cassette as it sounds like the bearings are gone. Making horrible grinding noises and cassette is loose. They have said they will see what they can get in, but are not overly hopeful. Not sure what to do...[/COLOR] [COLOR= rgb(51, 51, 51)]Need my bike to get to work, so pretty desperate and have no tools to fix this myself. Shall I just go and get a new wheel fitted? No other local mechanic / shop has the tools to work on the wheel either.[/COLOR] [COLOR= rgb(51, 51, 51)]What's general advice, or is there someone local to Fareham who can help?[/COLOR] [COLOR= rgb(51, 51, 51)]Many thanks in anticipation[/COLOR] [COLOR= rgb(51, 51, 51)]Auz[/COLOR]

Dave Pace

Aug 3, 2012
Change the Wheel man. Look at it this way. If you are having this many issues now with that wheel, what will happen down the road when you do need to replace it or get work done?

Simplify the process and get rid of it. if people don't even have the tools to fix it then that tells you that it will be more trouble then it is worth.

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