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About Alan Erskine
Alan Erskine
8/158 Como Parade West
Parkdale, Victoria 3195
(03) 9580 7548
[email protected]

Alan Erskine is a well known Australian netkook, psychopath, and coward
who lives in Melbourne. He usually stalks and harasses the posters of the
sci.space groups, although he is known to make excursions into a wide range
of other groups for the purposes of trolling and stalking and harassing the
participants there. He is currently under investigation by the authorities
in Australia. If you fall victim to his frequent attacks and
stalking/harassment campaigns, like so many in the sci.space groups have,
notify [email protected] . This psycho is dangerous.

Most sane participants have been forced to killfile him for his frequent
violent outbursts at posters and his unrelenting attacks. Some are taking
legal action against him.

Here are just a few of his victims. He has been stalking and harrasing
Scott and Betty Grissom relentlessly. Scott Grissom is the son of Gus
Grissom, the second American in space, who died in an Apollo 1 training
exercise fire, and Betty Grissom, 75, is his widow.

Alan has also been waging long-time stalking and harassment campaigns
against other well-known members of the space community, including Richard
Katz of NASA, John Maxson, and his sons Paul and Daniel Maxson.

He has been known to stalk his victims anonymously and via sock puppets,
showing what a coward he is. Furthermore, he likes to challenge people to
fights, telling them to come to Melbourne and look him up in the phone
book, while having admitted elsewhere that he is not listed in the phone
book. Coward!

Alan is an enemy of freedom of speech and hates remailers, which serve a
useful and necessary purpose. He has resorted to impersonating others and
even himself through remailers in an effort to discredit remailers and make
look like others were attacking him. He regularly bombards remailer
operators and floods their mailboxes with hysterical complaints and

Alan is not just content to harass his victims in the newsgroups, he
usually also stalks them via email. If you find yourself on the receiving
end of Alan's famous psychotic emails, contact [email protected]
immediately, as well as the law enforcement agencies in Melbourne,
Australia. This psycho is very violent. Do not attempt to reason
with him yourself, many others have tried and he does not respond to
reason. Let the authorities deal with him.
But at least Alan is ten times the man you are, you are no better than a
paedaphile, stalking and intimidating, it is trolls like you who are the
lowest forms of human life.

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