About to spend money... can anyone talk me into a Bianchi SASS and skip the Mono Cog?


Carla A-G

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> Fri, 26 Mar 2004 14:26:26 -0500,
> <[email protected]>, "Carla A-G"
> <[email protected]> shilled:
> >
> >The Unit flexes like a wet noodle and comes with cheap
> >Kona components, crappy wheels and v-brakes.
> Your bike's frame, according to your other web postings,
> was custom made. So, I don't believe you're able to
> accurately nor objectively compare the two bikes. Seems to
> me that somebody who can acquire a custom made Bianchi has
> a dog in the race.

I test rode a Unit, its ****. I also know someone who rides
one and its ****.

> Tell me how you got a custom built Bianchi for your
> stubby self?

Go ask Sky Yaeger. She'll tell you.

Read my previous posts and you shall find the answer...

- CA-G

Can-Am Girls Kick Ass!

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