Abuse from cars...any revenge stories?


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Mar 16, 2008
Watch out on the day schools breaks up for summer. Double-decker school bus - water balloon hit me in the middle of back, thrown from top window.

Revenge? Very big empty car park (no CCTV), a driver aimed his car at me, sped very quickly towards me and passed me two metres (felt air turbulence) away before parking. If his passengers had thought that funny, then I would have liked to seen the passengers' faces when they all returned to the car. I hope the driver's other skills include spray painting!


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Feb 10, 2007
jcjordan said:
I offer two incidents which represent the general attitude to cyclists here.

1. this happened last friday on the way home from work. A couple of young twits in a beaten up gemini (you know the type, big exaust and mags but with crappy sounding engine) who decided to come up behind me and hit the horn, scared the **** out of me. I did get my own back though, as one of them hung out the window to say "hey ****** do you shave your legs" to which my reply was "honey for you i would shave anything" which i gave in my best sterotype gay voice. The head when back in the car so fast and all i could hear was him telling his mate to get the hell out of their.

2. I get cut off alot by cars, this is especially true if i am in a bike lane. But i got my own back last summer. I was going down Jetty road in Glenelge, the road was fairly busy and moving slow but i had a decent gap between the moving cars (at about 5km hr) and the parked cars. Then some silly women decided to open a door of her car right in front of me, without thinking i pulled my foot out of the pedal and pushed the door closed. The problem was i have metal SPD cleats, and ran my foot all along her door and front panel. I decided that i would not stick around to argue about whose fault it was and made tracks :rolleyes:
OMG, THAT'S FUNNY!!!! especially #2, PERFECT! absolute poetic justice!

the only problem i have w/ #1 is: around here, that would earn you a 50/50 chance of being run over/bumperdragged/etc.