Accelerated recovery technology- marc pro


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Jan 26, 2017
Hey Everyone,
I am new here. Just wanted to share a new technology that I came across after visiting a sports science company, NY Sports Science Lab. It is called MarcPro muscle recovery and it great for accelerated recovery after intense training. Here is a few things about the MarcPro:
MarcPro, used 30 years of scientific research to develop a device that improves physiological function of muscles. This technology is unique in its ability to stimulate muscles that are difficult to contract while preventing discomfort and fatigue.

The device works by applying small electrical currents to the muscle, which stimulate muscle contractions. Unlike most other muscle stimulators, which cause quick and strong muscle contractions that are often painful, MarcPro uses scientifically backed settings to comfortably contract and then slowly relax muscles in a manner that simulates active recovery. These gentle muscle contractions improve blood and lymph flow, deliver nutrients to the muscles, remove waste products and stimulate tissue repair after intense exercise.

MarcPro reduces muscle fatigue and soreness, allowing athletes to recover faster and get back to training sooner after intense exercise. Using MarcPro between training sessions aids in building muscle strength and improves conditioning and performance of muscles. It can also be used for warm up before exercise and for massage.

I'd highly recommend if you are in the NYC area to check NY Sports Science Lab out. Their facility is top-notch and cutting edge. They also have cryotherapy, normatec compression massage machines, and an Alter-G Treadmill.