ACP brevets 2012: West Ukraine. For long distance road bike experts

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    ACP brevets 2012: West Ukraine
    Subject: For long distance road bike experts

    Hello all,
    invite you to follow with me to participate in an official randonneur
    road cycling brevets in the West Ukraine, Lviv city.
    Shedule 2012
    1. First 100 km - 05 May
    2. 200 km - 19 May
    3. 400 km - 14-15 July
    4. 200 km - 28 July
    5. 600 km & & 1000 km combained, 3-5 August
    Please take to account that I start to ride a bike from Uzhhorod to Lviv one day before. And the distance covered
    on national motorvay is 265 km long. Because it is "warm up" day.
    Also is "cool down" after finish of the brevet event in next day.
    Please put it in your cycling shedule and contact me if interested.

    Serhiy Popoff
    [email protected]
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