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    I took some pictures of the steering modifications I did on the Jet Stream, and a picture of the new
    single idler set up w/ chain tube. All are in the Photo section on the yahoo group site, under
    "bentbiker mods" file. This is a set of USS bars The Stem is a
    150mm Bontrager from I bought off of ebay. The HPVelo bars are much wider at the
    base, and have a nice forward curve, right at the top of the bar. This setup allowed me to use the
    short SRAM X-7 shifters. The set up facilitates a much better turning radius before they contact the
    seat. Due to their style, your hands are in as tight or slightly tighter than the stock set up. It
    also puts your hands right next to the thighs, keeping you in the wind profile of your feet,
    something a Vision type set up will not do. This is a little more aero and faster, and IMO much more
    comfortable. In this set up, the back of your thighs touch the bar when you put your foot down at a
    stop, but does not cause any problem. Also the shifters work easier being closer to the top of the
    bars, i'd recommend this to someone even with the stock set up, i've used it on other bikes. The
    last side view picture shows the bars, but it also shows the Single lower idler, with the chain tube
    on the top drive side of the chain, with the tube running under the seat for protection of the seat
    material. I've got one more thing to try on the chain, i'm going to actually try two chain tubes at
    the current location with no idler. ALL pictures can be clicked on for enlargement. Any more info.
    or clarifications, let me know, Jim