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Nov 21, 2015
Endomondo, Strava or what? I've been using Endomondo, but they seem to be dumbing down the interface and app to much, so I installed Strava to try that. Is there anything else that works as well? What about Cycle computer apps? I use ant+ so it has to interface with that. I'm using IP Bike t go with Strava because the interface in Strava does not provide enough info and is not configurable. . . Any recommendations? The phone is a Galaxy S5 (And no, upgrading the phone is not in the budget)
I'm not getting what it is you're looking for, but...

STRAVA. Run it in Chrome and download and enable the Stavistix add on app.
You'll thank me later.

If you're really into numbers, maybe Golden Cheetah.

For indoor training, Trainer Road and Zwift. Rouvy and Road Grand Tours for the climbs and scenery.
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Thanks, Bob. Endomondo does not give a yearly cumulative total, and Strava does. I'm trying that out this year. The in-workout interface for Strava sucks, for my needs, however, so I'm using a separate "bike computer" app for the in-workout dashboard. Currently, I am using IP Bike for that as the dashboard is at least configurable. Strava seems to fit my needs except for the poor dashboard, so recommendations on those would be good. My needs for the dashboard are that it be ant+ compatible, it be able to read the speed sensor or GPS as needed (the GPS is useless on the turbo), the display needs to be configurable so I can select just exactly what data is shown to me on my ride, and it would be nice if the audio feedback could be in whatever language I select. Endomondo does this well, but they have been dumbing down their interface and taking away configurability. they took away some of my favorites, in fact, which makes them less and less useful to me. IP Bike will override the phones default language, but only poorly. Does that clear up the issue any?

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