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Steve Freides

I'm a lurker and once in a while participant here. I swim, bike, and run regularly (usually
2-3x/week for each) but I've never done an individual triathlon although I have done the running leg
of one as part of a team once - just never been bitten by the bug, I guess. The only thing I compete
in is the occassional 5k road race where I own a PR of
20:10 set 3 years ago at age 45. My best sport is bicycling where I'm fast enough to keep up with
racers on training rides, and I swim well enough to teach it at the local YMCA.

After all that by way of background, I want to plug my new little web site about kettlebells,, which is why I prefaced the subject with "AD:". I've been training with these
things (they look like cannonballs with handles, pictures on my web site) for about a year and a
half now and find them a superb way to increase overall strength and fitness for anyone who values
strength, endurance, and low body weight. (While you can train with them for size, most people who
use them do so in the pursuit of wiry, martial artist type strength which also works great for
anyone in an endurance sport.)

The site is a work in progress and will eventually have a few more links and buttons to make it
easier to use but, for now the feedback I've gotten is that it's very useful for anyone wanting to
get started with kettlebells. It's not really a PR/promo type of site although there is one article
that gives reasons why someone might want to try kettlebells. It's more about deciding what you need
to buy to get started and how to plan your own workouts at the beginning.

Since you shouldn't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk, there are a few pictures of my
hoisting my kettlebells in a movement called the Military Press on the site. You can judge for
yourself if the physique I've got is a good one for a triathlete but, whether you like it or not,
it's the result of running, swimming, biking, and kettlebells, with a little Tae Kwan Do thrown in
for good measure <smile>.

Disclaimer #1: I make a small commission if you buy something using the links provided. The
kettlebells themselves and the instructional materials come from the publisher and the links take
you to the publisher's web site.

Disclaimer #2: I'm taking the certification course that's offered to become an "official" kettlebell
instructor in a couple of months and, after that, will probably try to make some portion of my
living training people but, for now and perhaps for the future, any email advice I can give out is
free so, if you want to ask anything, ask away here or via private email.


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