AD: HUGe Wheel Sale!!!

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Jecostello, Mar 21, 2003.

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    Wheels: NEW 2002 Nimble Crosswinds (650) tubular $1000 NEW 2000 Cane Creek Aerohead Ti Blue
    clinchers $500 NEW 2002 Zipp 303 Shimano Tubulars $900 Demo 2002 Shimano Carbon Tubulars $795 NEW
    2001 Shimano 7700 Dura Ace Clinchers $575 NEW 2002 Shimano 7701 Dura Ace Clinchers $650 NEW 2001
    Shimano 6500 Ultegra Clinchers $400 NEW 2001 Rolf Vector Pro Black Campy Tubulars $395 NEW 2000 Rolf
    Vector Comp Red Clinchers $225 NEW 2002 Spinergy SR3(700) $345 NEW 2000 Spinergy Rev-X Tubular $695
    NEW 2002 Spinergy XAero Lite $450 NEW 2001 Mavic Cosmos Blue $250 NEW 2002 Mavic Ksyrium Elite
    Clincher $465 NEW 2002 Mavic Ksyrium SL Clincher $650 NEW 2002 Campy Proton(shimano+Campy) $300 NEW
    2001 Campy Electron Clincher $395 NEW Campy Nuovo Record Hubs/Record Strada Rims 24o $250 USED Zipp
    Ballistic Hubs/Mavic CXP30 Tubulars $250 USED 700c Front D/A hub16spk/Gipiemme Tecno716pro clincher
    Rim....$100 USED 650c Front D/A hub32spk/Mavic 04cd Rim clincher...$75(3available) USED 650c Rear
    D/A hub16spk/Gipiemme Tecno416 Rim Clincher.....$125 USED 700c Front D/A hub32spk/Mavic OpenPro Rim
    Clincher.......$100 USED 700c Pair Campy record 1998 9/10 hubs/Mavic OpenPro Clincher....$200 USED
    700c Front Mavic Classics Pro Tubular......$150(2 available) USED 700c Pair Mavic Cosmic Expert
    Tubular......$225 USED 700c Rear Mavic Cosmic Equipe Tubular......$150 USED 700c Front D/A hub
    32spk/Mavic MA40 Rim clincher.....$100(3 available) USED 700c Front Shimano600 hub 24spk/Mavic CXP30
    Clincher.....$100 USED 700c Rear Ultegra 32spk/Mavic Reflex Tubular.......$150 USED 700c Front D/A
    32spk/Ambrosio Nemesis Tubular......$125 USED 700c Front Bontrager Select Clincher.......$100 USED
    700c Front D/A hub 32spk/Mavic Reflex Tubular.....$125(3available)

    Don't be afraid to make an offer Credit Cards OK Pics available upon request!!! Other sets
    available, just ask. Mail or Call

    Thanx, jim costello