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    Scot-Cycling: a mailing list/newsgroup for discussing cycling in Scotland, UK,
    which may be of interest to readers of this newsgroup.

    (This is intended to act as a complement to the newsgroup uk.rec.cycling
    which many people find is too high-traffic to follow regularly)

    'Scot-Cycling' is a group intended mainly for discussions of leisure
    cycling, both onroad/touring and offroad/mountain biking. Visitors
    seeking information to help plan cycling holidays in Scotland are
    especially welcome to ask for advice. (However, please note this list
    is not particularly intended for discussion of competitive or
    sporting cycling.)

    Scot-Cycling is available either as a mailing list via email:
    (See: <> to subscribe)

    or as a newsgroup/"forum" through gmane:
    as gmane.culture.bicycle.scottish
    (The following direct link will add the group to your newsreader:
    (See also: <>)

    NB: In order to post to the group through gmane, you must first
    subscribe to the mailing list in 'no-mail mode' via YahooGroups as

    (Note that gmane and YahooGroups make archives of postings to the group
    available to the public. As on any public group on the internet, you are
    advised to post using a 'disposable' or 'time-limited' email address to
    reduce the risk of spam:
    eg, if you have your own domain or subdomain, create an email address of
    the form '[email protected]' in addition to your normal email
    address, and change this every year.

    The email address you use to post to the group *must*, however, be valid
    (and subscribed to the email list, even if only in 'no-mail' mode).
    This is to prevent spammers from posting to the group.)

    There are a number of other groups related to cycling and cycle
    campaigning in Scotland, please see:

    [This message is not intended as spam, as it is on-topic and non-commercial.
    However, if you object to its posting, please *do* let me know.]