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  1. Tom Wheeler

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    not paul
    bring it on.
    5000 miles
    and u...? sure. london...
    good luck on the border.
    it was adam..... and again not u.


    I would go to you.....Not....
    what a little nerd with a mouth too big for his bod.that for sure....
    and † maybe sick of you..... summer slam..right I wonder how far u
    would go for free....... a big man with a million too boot. take it too
    the ring.....
    and it was the the sky.u came to me..... I care he is.... a million more...
    and it was zues......not u. Geeeeee
    there ;like cock roaches....
    I gone. to pick up 10¢ cans....
    and Not Complaining...... 74 miles in 2 days a and I am supports to care
    what he going to do to week.138 more miles to
    eat.......and u......oh yes....u sure r...:>) k †........

    keep your fricking money dr evil because in 3 years time now I learn to
    live with out it and with out you too. ">)

  2. Just see ~
    Che Guvera.
  3. Che departed some time ago.
  4. I know
    I mean his writing,
    Or just see Mr.
    Paul Berman's article.
  5. The Cult of Che
    Don't applaud The Motorcycle Diaries.
    By Paul Berman
    Posted Friday, Sept. 24, 2004, at 4:33 AM PT

    "It's easy in the world of film to make a movie about Che,
    but who among that cheering audience
    is going to make a movie about
    Raúl Rivero?

    Search Order
    by Raúl Rivero

    'What are these gentlemen looking for
    in my house?

    What is this officer doing
    reading the sheet of paper
    on which I've written
    the words "ambition," "lightness," and "brittle"?

    What hint of conspiracy
    speaks to him from the photo without a dedication
    of my father in a guayabera (black tie)
    in the fields of the National Capitol?

    How does he interpret my certificates of divorce?

    Where will his techniques of harassment lead him
    when he reads the ten-line poems
    and discovers the war wounds
    of my great-grandfather?

    Eight policemen
    are examining the texts and drawings of my daughters,
    and are infiltrating themselves into my emotional networks
    and want to know where little Andrea sleeps
    and what does her asthma have to do
    with my carpets.

    They want the code of a message from Zucu
    in the upper part
    of a cryptic text (here a light triumphal smile
    of the comrade):
    "Castles with music box. I won't let the boy
    hang out with the boogeyman. Jennie."

    A specialist in aporia came,
    a literary critic with the rank of interim corporal
    who examined at the point of a gun
    the hills of poetry books.

    Eight policemen
    in my house
    with a search order,
    a clean operation,
    a full victory
    for the vanguard of the proletariat
    who confiscated my Consul typewriter,
    one hundred forty-two blank pages
    and a sad and personal heap of papers
    -the most perishable of the perishable
    from this summer.'"
  6. Fight, legal system?
    Legislate for Right, or make the system work right.
  7. "Drag the nets. Shine the search light ...
    Yes, M'am, these
    Are Facts.

    That Is Reality."
    ~ Lolonic

    "Fight, legal system?
    Legislate for Right, or make the system work
    Right well."
    ~ Grant