Adding Color.... Painting My Birdie :)


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Aug 27, 2011
[COLOR= #ff33cc]Just wondering if someone could tell me what the rule (or concerns) are when it comes to changing the color of a bike.... I cant seem to figure out what year it was made but from what I can tell it has all original parts excluding maybe the seat..... Does it really make a difference if I change the paint on Birdie?[/COLOR]

[COLOR= #ff33cc]Thankx[/COLOR]
[COLOR= #ff33cc]Pink Flowerz :)[/COLOR]
painting a bike is not an easy thing, first you need to disassemble all accesories on the bike, then you need to take off the original painting which is done be an experience mechanic using a machine operating with sand for example, only then you can apply the new colours and finishing with a heat treatment in special ovens,

or you can pour the paint just like that on top of the original and awful result,

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